[HorribleSubs] Spiritpact (01-10) [480p] [Batch] Soul Contract - ...

Torrent: [HorribleSubs] Spiritpact (01-10) [480p] [Batch] Soul Contract - ...
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[HorribleSubs] Spiritpact - 01 [480p].mkv 146.6 MB
[HorribleSubs] Spiritpact - 02 [480p].mkv 146.9 MB
[HorribleSubs] Spiritpact - 03 [480p].mkv 146.8 MB
[HorribleSubs] Spiritpact - 04 [480p].mkv 146.9 MB
[HorribleSubs] Spiritpact - 05 [480p].mkv 146.9 MB
[HorribleSubs] Spiritpact - 06 [480p].mkv 146.7 MB
[HorribleSubs] Spiritpact - 07 [480p].mkv 146.5 MB
[HorribleSubs] Spiritpact - 08 [480p].mkv 146.8 MB
[HorribleSubs] Spiritpact - 09 [480p].mkv 146.5 MB
[HorribleSubs] Spiritpact - 10 [480p].mkv 146.7 MB

WolfPack batch with genuine HorribleSubs videos.
Chinese animation. Japanese audio. The English soft subs can be turned off to be used raw. (H264 AAC mkv)
480p is not HD. It's not the biggest or the most popular, but it's still a useful choice to have. Please pass it on, so it will live on.

Ling Qi, Soul Contract

My synopsis:
The descendant of a famous exorcist is an unlucky orphan who dies in an accident. He reluctantly accepts to serve an exorcist just to avoid vanishing, but spending time fighting evil together deepens their friendship.

My review:
Don't expect Blue exorcist or Noragami. It focuses more on the relationship than the battles, like Kamisama Kiss (Kamisama Hajimemashita). It's a funny tsundere boy love.

Seed & enjoy~



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