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Torrent: (Trance) The Krait - Trance Harmonics Radio 088 (25-06-2017) Mp3...
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Genre: Trance
Year of publication: 2017
Audio codec: MP3
Type rip: Image
Audio Bitrate: 320 kbps

Release Date: 25.06.2017 Season – 4 Episode – 088
Info: -
Trance Harmonics Radio is a trance radio show hosted and produced by an Indian DJ - The Krait. It is a 1-hour straightforward DJ Mix show and until episode 087, the show also featured episodic guests in the second half hour. The essence of the show is to bring out the best in trance and also showcase the true spirit of trance. Only the top notch trance tracks released the respective week of airing are played and mixed by him. The show has featured some of the biggest names from the trance scene as guests from the likes of Roger Shah, Ian Standerwick, LTN, Dimension, Alex O'Rion, Ferry Tayle, Ori Uplift, Gai Barone and many more. The show is now uploaded directly to mixcloud, youtube and soundcloud servers every two weeks.

Track list:-

01. Jeremy Vancaulart ft. Holly Drummond – Let Go (The First Station Extended Mix) [Black Sunset]
02. Jade Rademain – Elizamelodia (Original Mix) [Glowlight Records]
03. Atb ft. Haliene – Pages (Extended Mix) [Kontor]
04. Andski ft. Charmy – Scars (Fresh Code Remix) [Entrancing Music]
05. York with Chola & Alexander KG Claus – Greyhound (Mark Nails Remix) [Planet Love Records]
06. Massai One – Abuan (Andrew Lang Remix) [Progressive House Worldwide]
07. LTN & Julie Thompson – Devil And Deep (Extended Mix) [Interplay Records]
08. Forbidden Mind – Kyoto (Progressive Trance Mix) [Ascendance Audio]
09. DJ Xquizit ft. Hidden Tigress – Euphoric Light (Original Mix) [Entrancing Music]
10. Enzo & Eximinds – New York To Moscow (Original Mix) [AVA]
11. Jeremy Vancaulart ft. Holly Drummond – Let Go (Assaf Remix) [Black Sunset]
12. Giuseppe Ottaviani & Kyler England - Firefly (OnAir Extended Mix) [Black Hole]

For archives of the show, please check -



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